Tuesday, August 25, 2009

but We do love the U.K. SUBS

I followed these guys for years following the TOMORROW'S GIRLS single and some of the other songs at that time like NEW YORK STATE POLICE, Brand New Age, etc.
The live purple vinyl LP was heavy, fast, and massive. It seemed like it has fifty songs on it. Similiar to 'IT'S ALIVE" by the Ramones but not only did I forget the title (help me out if anyone reads this!!), but I lost mine years ago.
So instead, I offer this, for now. It's called "greatest hits-Live in Paris"
also saw them live sometime later at 9:30 Club in Wash D.C., a real good show.

ANyway, from somewhere on the Net comes this lovely product for you very trendy boys and girls. This LP is cool, but, wotta stoopid title*,
* -Reminds me of a sixties-era typically european, licensed rehash/exploitation LP
like those on Pickwick records, or the 'Great Hits' LP of the Rollink Stones,
for example, which was a german -pressing of ABCKO era stuff like
Mothers' Little Helper. But I digress... For some reason, these kinda
titles for a record just seem silly. At least it strikes me that way.
//and, as for the Rolling Stones, we have nothing about them on this blog.//
nothing ! do ya hear me? nothing!!!!! KNOW WHAT I MEAN ??
DO YA ?? DO YA? you want beatles or Rolling Stones,
you go to Chewbone alright?

anyway, get it here
and, for side two, here
und here for the front cover,
and there for the back cover.

look here : Mental Anguish and Nomusic on the TURN OF THE GRINDSTONE Comp. LP,
doing a track called 'KEEP DOWN'

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